Why Job Satisfaction is Necessary for Candidates ?

Job satisfaction is highly important for an employee as well as  for the organization. Being satisfied with the job will have the employee be happy at work and result in lesser frustration . The happier the workers are, the better their state of mind towards their work, and better their performance will be.

Employees who are unsatisfied with their job will be less motivated and enthusiastic towards any chores assigned to them, and will be more prone to escaping their duties. Moreover, they will be seen with higher levels of absence from work. Even when present, they will show very less concern in the issues of the organization.

On the other hand, those who are highly satisfied with their job have a tendency to be more friendly, cooperative and helpful with their co-workers. This kind of co-operation brings in sharing and learning. Job satisfaction also induces security and superior workplace feelings with lesser negativity,it can be concluded that satisfied employees are more likely to perform superior than unsatisfied ones.

Which factors decide upon the level of job satisfaction?

  • Respect

  • Healthy Environment

  • Growth

  • Trust

  • Security

The mission of human resource agencies is to make the best jobs available to as many people as possible, giving these people the opportunity to develop themselves. This needs to be done with equal opportunities for all, with respect for health and safety, and with unyielding integrity.

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