Do's & Dont's in an Interview

Interview Do’s

· Go well Groomed, without any shabby look .

· Do look the interviewer in the eye. Recruiters place a lot of emphasis on

eye contact.

· Do try to sparkle! Use gestures in your conversation. Make sure they are

smooth and emphatic.

· Do make sure you get the interview’s name right and use it a few times in

the interview.

· Do take notes if you wish. Write down some questions before you go into

the interview.

· Do let the interviewer set the pace of the interview. Let him or her lead

with the questions.

· Do ask the interviewer when you will hear from him or her again if he or

she does not offer the information.

Interview Don’ts

· Don’t be late. In fact, plan to be early for any scheduled interview.

· Don’t wear your outer clothes into an interview.

· Don’t sit down until you are asked.

· Don’t lean on or put your elbows on the interviewer’s desk. Sit back in

your chair, so the interviewer can see more of you.

· Don’t show your nervousness by drumming your fingers, swing your leg,

or cracking your knuckles.

· Don’t call the recruiter “sir” or “ma’am” too much. Respect is mandatory,

but don’t go overboard. Don’t use a lot of slang.

· Don’t interpret items on your resume until you are asked. Your resume

should be self-explanatory.

· Don’t criticize your present or past employer too much. If it is a bad

situation, you can mention it but don’t harp on it. Be objective instead of

complaining or bad mouthing.

· Don’t ask, “Will I get the job?” or “Can I have the job?” Rather say, “I

hope you can consider me as a candidate for this job” or I’m really

interested in the job.”

· Don’t talk about the salary until later in the hiring process or until the

recruiter brings it up.

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